You probably know about the film and the book, The Secret. The philosophy of the Secret spilled over to Slovenia in time of re-birth, spiritual search and the search for balance between the matter and the mind, the being and appearance, between being here and beyond life. Nobody can defend the existence, neither the inexistence of that is which is beyond us. If God really exists, he lets us search for him.

He accepts our search and leads us to the essence of things where the magnificence and the godly can be sensed and comprehended. The search is eternal and endless, as is eternal and endless our being.

The human essence questions its destiny. The essence questions the meaning of suffering ever since the dawn of humanity. Extreme optimism may work, and it may not. Suggestion and auto-suggestion may give wings to one and knock the another even deeper into the secret of existence. This secret, so the legend has it, is only revealed at the time of physical death. You can try to persuade yourself that you will, for instance, get rich. This is what the Secret teaches us. You can persuade yourself to do anything.

Anything is possible, but the consequences are ours to bear.

This book is intended for a reader looking for an honest confrontation with oneself. Without a radical cut in the ways of our own games we cannot make headway neither in the manifestation of material nor in the realisation of spiritual. Without a renewed self-creation a human essence treads on in the mud of agony and misery. We need to confront ourselves. We need critical confrontation and at the same time a consolidation of the good which fuels the stock of energy that can lift us up in the time of depression of bad moments.

The Secret works, it is just that nobody has ever told you why.

You will understand “how” once you have understood “why.””

The I will tell you.

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