What students say about doc. dr. Lucija Mulej


Year 2, fulltime: So far the best positive surprise in my view. A lecturer of the highest professional standing. She is able to motivate students and deliver excellent lectures. Knowledge is her virtue in the broadest sense of the term. Course assessment (qualitative part) 10+.

Year 2, fulltime: Fantastic lecturer, formidable person, great rhetorician, open mind.

Year 2, fulltime: Outstandingly captivating lecture delivery enhanced with practical cases and high quality explanation of new concepts when they occur; great ability to facilitate dialogue and participation of all students. Very accessible for additional questions.

Year 2, fulltime: This school never had better study topics and a better course. The lecturer is an outstanding expert, possesses great breadth of knowledge, lectures comprehensively and uses interesting methods for transmitting her knowledge to the students. I don’t think any of us has ever skipped her lecture, which are over in a blink of the eye. She is a great performer and has a strong charisma. She should be the pride of our faculty. I hope she agrees to cooperate with the faculty in some other course as well; it would be a shame not to use her potential and the will to lecture and transmit the knowledge to the students.

Year 2, fulltime: One of the best lectures, the professor is a professional in her field; she knows how to attract the listener. I hope she does other seminars as well, which I’ll gladly attend.

Year 2, fulltime: Highly interesting lectures, a lot of new and interesting stuff, lectures are wonderfully conceived and presented. Excellent! Year 1, fulltime: Extraordinary lecturer, open for discussion.

N/A: “Open” lectures, lots of discussion, exchange of experience. Lots of information and good preparation for the MA dissertation assignment.

Year 2, fulltime: Great. I only wish all professors were like that. 10+! She has taught us to approach and accept our lives in a totally different way. I’d like more of her courses. Maybe a workshop.

Year 2, fulltime: The lectures expanded my horizons both professionally and personally. I think dr. Mulej is a great asset to the faculty and I hope we’ll collaborate in the future. She is a remarkable person, lecturer, professor and pedagogue.

Year 2, fulltime: The lectures are great. Very concise. Lots of discussion, talking, we see a film here and there, practical examples, all opinions count – none is wrong. Great. All lectures could be like that.

Year 2, fulltime: A really professional lecturer fascinates with her knowledge and has attracted my attention. Her lectures are very interesting, never boring. Outstanding performance.

Year 2, fulltime: Lectures are interesting in terms of searching for weak knowledge. Instead of encouraging communication she’d reject it and contradict our comments – soon enough there were little people who dared say anything (apart from those where mutually appreciation was evident). Highly qualified, she showed us the breadth of her expertise. Attitude towards students a bit aloof. At the end we did get it on and she changed her approach. Promptly answered emailed questions. I missed literature, powerpoint, we just had notes.

N/A: She is interesting, but demanding, if you wanted to ask something you’d better put it smartly.

Year 1, fulltime: I was semi-satisfied with the way the course was executed. Too fast explanations, couldn’t really follow.

Year 1, fulltime: Lots of participation, not a bore.

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