The book you hold in your hands portrays a wide spectrum of author’s experiences and realisations which emanate from her personal depth and desire for finding something more in the world which daily persuades us that this more is mere imagination. The author cautions the readers to keep their personalities healthy and open, and to be creative in all areas of life. Creativity is woven from the threads of fascination with the holy and the magical.
The author’s message is clear: she steers clear of the misty new age spirituality and pretend ignorance. She argues for a wholeness of a person and brings together the values of the sky, the earth, the tensions of expectations and yearnings, the dialectics of reason and emotions.

Her essential message is: LIVE TRUE TO YOURSELF. The author unravels a plethora of psychological conditions of mind, from mental pollution to the faith in own capabilities and inner monologue, which is crucial for psychical balance and bodily health.

A human being is a great mystery. At the break of the century we are ready to learn how far and how deep we can reach. Let the transcending the limits of oneself become a challenge to everyone!

You can decide again: to be your enemy or your friend.

What did you decide?

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