Individual life coaching

Individualni življenjski trening | Milga d.o.o.

Individual life coaching is a new area. Here we are going beyond the limits of classic coaching and are offering a wholesome engineering of character and personality, of spirit and will. We excel in providing the highest degree of confidentiality and professionalism. Individual training for life or personal coaching is an area which is relevant for everyone. And this is particularly relevant when one reaches a turning point in life, be it personal or business, when an individual enters a phase which often proves to be a phase of stagnation.

At MOLGA we have conducted dozens of personal coaching programmes. The six-month programme is devoted to personal and spiritual engineering of patterns, values and worldviews. It involves working on anthropological aspects of personality development (crucial aspects of primary socialisation), psychoanalytical development tools (questions of instinct, intuition) and cognitive aspects (implementation of tools for opening creative and cogitation potential).

The training is conducted on the company premises and on a location in Šenčur.

Intellectual service for developing human potentials
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