For business and employees

We treat business growth much like personal growth. This means that we also deal with the private and the intimate, such as family and children. Statistically, disharmony on a personal level leads to poor business performance. We’ll help you find the right balance between various levels of being and working.


We offer an in-depth analysis and a holistic approach where we intertwine the most effective findings from the fields of psychoanalysis, psychiatry and cognitive sciences.


Neuropsychology today has many answers to the typical questions pestering parents and youth. Is adolescence just a cultural myth, or is it a universal phenomenon? Sometimes, role expectations are far more lasting and determining than the state-of-affairs suggest, in this case the adolescence hypothesis.

Conflict has positive and negative consequences, for instance, constructive and deconstructive anger. We’ll teach you how to deal with conflict in business synergies and how to manage anger. This, of course, presupposes fair business. Justified anger cannot be dealt with otherwise but through radical change.

Intellectual service for developing human potentials
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