Programs for Individuals


People are beings of multitude and often pose a significant problem to themselves. Psychological surgery guidelines teach the techniques of thinking, placid mind, aspects of creative thinking and new personal planning to further develop the characteristics that need improvement. This is a new aspect of personal coaching, developed through the interplay of medicine, psychiatry and psychology.


A man without a strong spirit burns out in time of perpetual challenges. Enhancing spiritual intelligence is a longterm goal based on the methodology of truthfulness, discipline and work ethics. After three months, this approach will yield impressive results. Lasting change will occur when we change our everyday, business and personal habits. Habits shape neural pathways, bad habits destruct constructive synergy of mind-body-spirit.


Understanding causality is a lasting challenge for everyone. The right attitude, training and education about key topics (gender anthropology, anthroposophy, psychoanalysis, neuropsychology) lead to reaching levels where uncontrolled side effects are no longer present.

Intellectual service for developing human potentials
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