Associate professor Lucija Mulej, PhD in Sociology of Science

Associate professor Lucija Mulej, PhD holds a PhD in Sociology of Science and has undertaken many different projects in her life. Her professional path started at the Faculty of Social Sciences (FDV), University of Ljubljana, where she successfully defended her dissertation Relativity in Sociology of Science in 2006 and was appointed Assistant and co-taught courses on Sociology of science, Anthropology, and Methodology. Later on she lectured at the University of Nova Gorica teaching courses in Ecology, Science in the Media, Social Ecology, and Communications. At present she is teaching Methodology of Research in Social Sciences, Society and Ethics, and runs seminars on writing MA and PhD theses at the International School for Social and Business Studies in Celje. She supervises several postgraduate students at the final stages of their studies, providing them with professional guidance, sharing her knowledge and somewhat unorthodox teaching methods: tuned to seek soundest knowledge.

Her first employments, however, date back to 1993 when, a high school student, she was active in tourism in the Bled region. Working for Jenewein Consulting Groups later on she realised the importance of human resource management. Aged twenty associate professor Lucija Mulej, PhD worked at Novi Plamen and learned much about management of basic sources. She studied in Slovenia and abroad (Denmark, Thailand, Brazil) and it was this learning experience that expanded her horizons and opened new ones: through informal learning (her anthropological fieldwork included research on Brazilian favelas) she realised how truly important knowledge is in contemporary world. Once she has returned home she got a position at FDV, University of Ljubljana. After that was Head of the International Office at the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU) where she was in charge of project applications and also participated in management of EU projects. Throughout her career she volunteered for several not-for-profit associations and societies. Among others she was Secretary General of the Movement for Justice and Development (Gibanje za pravičnost in razvoj) run by dr. Janez Drnovšek. In 2008 associate professor Lucija Mulej, PhD was actively involved in establishing the EMUNI University.

In 2010 she decided to pursue her career independently and is now trying to transmit the knowledge and wider understanding into the numerous pores of Slovenian and international environments.

As a scientific associate she is participating with the Faculty of Management in Koper (Fakulteta za management Koper) in two projects. Apart from that  associate professor Lucija Mulej, PhD is working with many organisations, schools and NGOs, where she has been trying to introduce the “open coordination” method, where the concept of health is understood actively: reasons for illness are on many levels, and the society as a whole is also responsible.

Recently she has been more present in the economy and various fields of entrepreneurship, where she has been trying to introduce coaching crossed with cognitive research findings and contemporary approaches in genetics, which understand a human being as a field of un-researched possibilities. The significance of coaching is expanded by terminology and practice of personal, corporal, spiritual and mind engineering. Associate professor Lucija Mulej, PhD’s scientific and professional references (anthropology, sociology, psychoanalysis, philosophy) provide argumentation for numerous personal and ontological questions, as well as scientific and professional.

Associate professor Lucija Mulej, PhD is a member of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia (Združenje manager) and holds a skills certificate for members of supervisory and manager boards. She is a contributing author to the Managers’ Association’s MQ magazine and the journal Prepletanja.

With MØLGA Publishing, associate professor Lucija Mulej, PhD published two books. Apart from that she has written numerous scientific articles, monographs and has frequently shared her knowledge at conferences in Slovenia and abroad.

Her research interests include studies in psycho-social profiles of people and cultures where she has achieved great success in working on individual, team and group levels. Her references are crucial for developing potentials of enterprises, individuals and institutions.

Intellectual service for developing human potentials
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