Associate professor Lucija Mulej Mlakar, PhD is an inspiration to groups and individuals in Slovenia and abroad.

Her emphatic touch and sensibility to the shortfalls in personal profiles facilitates development and progress in groups and individuals alike.

For seven years now she has been a lecturer (docent) in this year also became associate professor and is collaborating with Slovenian universities and international institutes, particularly with EC University Perth, with which she is maintaining fruitful relations. She has refined her professional profile working in several not-for-profit organisations. Among others she held one of the leading positions in the Movement for Justice and Development (Gibanje za pravičnost in razvoj), where as Secretary General she worked with the late Slovenian President, dr. Janez Drnovšek, and Mr. Marko Pogačnik. At HUMANA she has held lectures on the potential power of mentally handicapped individuals. She aims to renovate psychiatry and treatment and definitions of mental conditions. Associate professor Lucija Mulej Mlakar, PhD has been successfully transmitting her visions and goals into her education and training (group and individual coaching) programmes and has written extensively on the topic both for scientific community and general public.

Associate professor Lucija Mulej Mlakar, PhD’s guiding principle is opening up creative potentials in individuals and groups through influencing the conscious and the unconscious systematically, and by the introduction of various approaches that result in opening up creative potentials in individuals and groups.

MOLGA is creating solutions.

MOLGA offers intellectual counselling services to enterprises and managers in various organisations.
High levels of professionalism and confidentiality, and a balanced price list, give MOLGA and her director, associate professor Lucija Mulej Mlakar, PhD, great added value.

Intellectual service for developing human potentials
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